Glad You Made It!

Born and raised in San Diego, Pat Tang is no stranger to the temperate weather and miles of coastline that make San Diego an incredible city to live, buy, and sell real estate.

Pat’s comprehensive expertise includes digital marketing and his expansive knowledge of the San Diego coastal area.

With fifteen years of prior digital media experience, Pat founded a production company that features a portfolio representing $10+ million in real estate. His eye for aesthetics and creative composition results in unparalleled representation when it comes to marketing the true essence of a home.

With Pat, his clients’ needs always come first. His enthusiasm, combined with his pro-active work ethic, ensures that his clients are supported and ecstatic throughout every aspect of the transaction. As a full service real estate professional, Pat and his team pride themselves in their steadfast determination to not only meet, but exceed client expectations.

In his free time, Pat enjoys spending time with family and friends, enjoying local eateries, surfing, snowboarding, scuba diving, and traveling abroad.

What we Value



There is  a multitude of people from lenders to escrow officers that contributes to a successful real estate transaction. Our carefully-assembled team are well-qualified and happy to support you.


Timing is crucial in both buying and selling a home. Let us strategically create and execute a plan that brings you the results you deserve. 



Whether you are new to town looking for a lease or an investor purchasing investment properties, we treat everyone equally with the utmost kindness because we care.


We believe in using technology as a catalyst to the fundamentals of real estate. This allows us to do such things as achieving  global presence while  selling your home or efficiently  processing paperwork during a transaction. 


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